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Great read Charmaine. I like how you almost got carried away, sounds like the making of a noir tale right there. On to Bocas. I don't feel that the question of whether Caribbean literature exists will ever be resolved. During that panel I felt as though people were trying to pin down and then kill a nebulous concept. What Caribbean literature is changes according to which era you examine, which island you're from and where you live among other things. It was a little frustrating hearing


or listening to the discussion wrangle with that question.
I went to the workshops, most of them and they proved pretty useful. It was an opportunity to meet writers whose works you've gorwn up reading and still read. I was also able to meet fellow bloggers in the flesh.:-)
I am glad for the creation of the Bocas prize (home grown lit prize) but I have reservations about picking books to win a prize ( my Whitman moment to be sure).
I was also glad to see the launch of ARC. I will write about it pretty soon.
I still have a lot to process about Bocas but I am glad I witnessed it and hope that the organizers would keep coming back with future festivals.
It is always a good thing for people to sit down and talk a little literature.

Charmaine Valere

Thanks for commenting, Debra. It was great meeting up, and I'm looking forward to your write-up!


This was a wonderful read. Thank you so much for sharing. I wish I could have been there.

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